Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb offers dynamic presentations on the Torah of Nonviolence and Palestine Solidarity. Rabbi Gottlieb also offers retreats that focus on a pacifist and multifaith revisioning of the world, Shomer Shalom, women & Jewish nonviolence, and the 12 sacred shields of nonviolence. Read more about her presentations and retreats below.

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb storytelling in Seabeck, Washington 2013

“Thank you so very much, especially for introducing us to Rabbi Gottlieb and having her speak.  She was really excellent, exciting and provided new information in a very measured and diplomatic way. Her presentation was terrific!”—Dolores Perez Priem, Liz Cormier, United Universalist for Peace, SF


Introduction to the Torah of Nonviolence

A one hour and a half presentation and dialogue that presents the basic principles of Jewish nonviolence and their relationship to contemporary social justice issues.

Palestine Solidarity work

A rabbinic perspective. Lynn is a member of the rabbinic council of Jewish Voice for Peace and a Freeman Fellow at The Fellowship of Reconciliation. She has worked on Palestinian Israeli conflict transformation for 45 years. She comes to this work as a person committed to nonviolence. Share an evening of slide shows, conversation and dialogue.


Pacifist and Proud: Radical Multifaith Revisioning of the World

Meet your peers (and a few ally elders), and explore the arts of contemporary nonviolent resistance. Bring your vision, enthusiasm, skills and story and explore the challenges and opportunities of organizing in spiritual and faith-based communities working for economic, racial, gender, and environmental justice. What do we need to know about each other to make our organizing more effective? This weekend includes collaborative visual and performance art opportunities. Come with a friend or ally from your local community or college. People who identify as Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Indigenous, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, and dual heritage, LGBTQ, people of color, anti-war vets, survivors of deadly conflict are welcome. Supported by The Fellowship of Reconciliation

Introduction to Shomer Shalom: A Sabbath or Holy Day Retreat

Explore what it means to be committed to the Torah of Nonviolence as a Jewish way of life. Experience spiritual practice, story, text study and dialogue within the frame of Shmirat Shalom. Themes can be adapted to the time of year and interest of the community.

Women and Jewish Nonviolence

A retreat dedicated to learning about women’s legacy of nonviolent resistance and peacemaking in Jewish life. Stories, text study, case studies, practicum.

Sabbath of the Sacred Shields

Learn about the 12 shields of nonviolence according to Jewish Mystical Teachings about Healing the World.

“Young Pacifist & Proud was one of the best things I ever experienced. Meeting people from across the country, who are around my age and share my peacemaking passions made me realize I am not alone in my struggle for justice. YPP gave me a sense of comfort and camaraderie. I will never forget the opportunity I was given to meet and collaborate with such beautiful souls and learn extremely valuable assets I will be able to use in my future as a human rights advocate.”—Seema Luthra, 2012 Participant in Young Pacifist and Proud (initiated and co-created by Rabbi Lynn and Shauen Pearce, FOR)

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb at Farm the Land Grow the Spirit in Stonypoint, NYFarm the Land Grow the Spirit in Stonypoint, NY

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