Classes at Shomeret Shalom – Fall 2016
For more info and directions to Beit Shomeret Shalom, email Rabbi Lynn.
How Do We Win? Practicing Jewish NV
Wednesday, 6:30-8:15pm
Sept 14, 21, 28 and Oct 5
$60 for all or $20 per session

For those interested in studying Judaism from a nonviolence framework, wanting to build text skills or knowledge of Jewish stories or wondering how Judaism can be resistance come Beit Shomeret Shalom.

Open to the public!
All bodies, ages, and people are welcome. You don’t have to be Jewish to learn about Jewish nonviolence.
  • Session One: How Do we Win?
    Wed, Sept 14
    Replace single male hero models of salvation with models of collective public resistance. Midwife and Five Sisters biblical traditions and the importance of recovering invisible histories of womyn in leadership.
  • Session 2: Kill all the Moabites!?
    Wed, Sept 21
    The Bible commands the mass killing of Moabites. wtf!? On the other hand, the Bible tells the elaborate friendship story of Ruth, the Moabite and Naomi, the Israelite. Which perspective wins? Genocide or beloved community? How does Jewish tradition weigh in?
  • Session 3: From Day of Judgment to Day of Reconciliation
    Wed, Sept 28
    Changing perspectives on personal and collective forgiveness in Jewish nonviolence traditions.
  • Session 4: Diaspora Jewish NV in response to Israel’s occupation system.
    Wed, Oct 5
    Public fasting, tokhakha-rites of accountability, and nv solidarity. Palestinian sulha.

HOW DO WE WIN is part of SHOSHA’S year long TRAINING COURSE IN JEWISH NV. Join Rabbi Lynn and guest teachers in a year of diving deep into the resources within Jewish NV traditions related to the pursuit of justice, reconciliation and peace. Course is included in rabbinic training.

  • How Do We Win? Practicing Jewish NV, Challenges & Resources
    (4 sessions, Sept 14-Oct 5-2016)
  • Hanooka: From Militarism to NV at Moishe House
    (3 sessions, Dec. 5, 12, 19 2016)
  • 2 Day NV Training with East Point Peace Academy in San Bruno County Jail
    (Spring 2017)
  • Seven Core Practices of Jewish NV/ Shmirat Shalom
    (4 sessions, Spring 2017)
  • Passover Vigil at San Bruno County Jail
    (April 1, 11am-noon, 2017)

For more info, email Rabbi Lynn.

Oct 6, 13, 20; Nov 3, 10 at Beit Shomeret Shalom
Dec. 5, 12, 19 at Moishe House
Classes are from 6:30-8:30pm
  • JEWISH HOLY DAYS: Roots and Revisions for the Sake of Justice
    How can Jewish holy time function as a spiritual antidote to the power of empire?
Beginning in October / Dates and Times TBA
    Four sessions prepare a young community interfaith team (8th grade – 11th grade) to present an interfaith ceremony at West County Detention Center Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 11am. With Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity. For more info, email Rabbi Lynn.
Saturday, Oct 8, Dec. 10 / 10:30am-12:30pm
    Dive deep with a single prayer, Torah study and nosh.
Starts first week of November / Time TBA
  • SHOMERET SHALOM TORAH STUDY: Exodus: Chapter 12 and forward
    Word by word. Nehama Leibowitz commentary. Explore the core biblical story and ritual
    that launched Judaism. Some Hebrew language required.
Saturday, Nov 12 / 10:30am-3pm
    Have fun with the art of storytelling. Movement, percussion, crafting tales.Bring a two minute story to tell (about 250 words).
Saturday, September 19, 2015 / 10am to 3pm
  • Sponsored by Shomeret Shalom Rabbinic School. Everyone welcome!
  • SAVE THE DATE!!! A special offering for the High Holy Days on Shabbat Shuva
    Radical Reconciliation with Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb and friends
    A heart felt day devoted to exploring reconciliation rituals of Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur
  • Events of the day include a Kol Nidre violin meditation, peacewalk practice, Ashkenaz reconciliation dances, theater midrash of Jonah and the Whale; and a community multifaith council on the meaning of reconciliation for each of us, followed by multifaith blessings for the new year.
  • Suggested donation: $35-$50
  • Includes a simple Sabbath lunch.
  • Space limited to 60 people (11 and older) who can stay for the day.
  • Out door event. Shade and sun, restrooms. Bring your own chair, water, snacks.
  • AT GILL TRACK FARM in Albany, CA. Gill Tract Farm is the last 22 contiguous farming acres in the East Bay. This will initiate Shomeret Shalom’s active support of preventing a shopping mall from taking acreage away from the farm and adding to pollution in the neighborhood.
  • Event updates will be posted on the Shomeret Shalom Event Page on Facebook.
  • Contact us for more info.
Saturday Shabbat, April 25, 2015 / 8am to 8pm
Urban Adamah 1050 Parker St, Berkeley, CA
  • Shomeret Shalom Rabbinic School and Learning Center presents:
  • Creating a Jewish Culture of Nonviolence
    a transformative force for social change and spiritual life
  • shabbat-042515Register HERE by April 12th.
  • Come explore and celebrate the roots of Jewish nonviolence with Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Rabbi Brant Rosen, Sophie Vener, Ariel Vegosen, Jared Jackson, Dalit Baum, Craig Miller, Bruce Bierman, Ross Hyman and YOU! There will be ceremony, workshops, dialogue and the arts of resistance!
  • $50 – $200 donationDonate to help support student scholarships and travel. Limited work scholarships available. Open to 50 people who can stay for the day.Breakfast and dinner provided. Bring your own lunch (and a little extra).
  • Volunteers needed for set up, break down, to serve breakfast and dinner and to host out of town guests.
  • For more info:
  • Shomeret Shalom Rabbinic School and Learning Center supports Jews and allies from diverse communities who seek to connect spirituality and peacebuilding to the arts of convivencia, creative nonviolence, ceremony and earth stewardship. Shomeret Shalom lifts up the Torah of Nonviolence as a core principle of Jewish life. We center our study in Jewish wisdom traditions that transform patterns of structural violence embedded in patriarchal Judaism.
October 20 – December 14, 2014
Open Tent Shul of the Arts presents two 8-week workshops in which participants build and then come together to share a fun festival presentation!
  • Every Monday from Oct 20 to Dec 8 / 4-5:45pm
    Act Out
    with Lynn Gottlieb and Bruce Bierman
    Chochmat Ha-Lev, 2215 Prince St., Berkeley, CA
    Students in this 8 week theater workshop will dramatize the Talmudic wisdom tales about the Greek conquerer–Alexander The Great and how he learned from the people he tried to conquer, the true meaning of power. Through text, movement, hip hop music and physical comedy, students will create a performance for the Open Tent Shul of the Art’s ‘Hanooka’ Festival on Dec. 14th. Rehearsals include fun theater and improv games, mask making, and set creation. Ages 10 and up. Everyone welcome.
    Call 805.259.5030 to register and for more info on fees.
  • Every Monday from Oct 20 to Dec 8 / 4-5:45pm
    Klezmer Youth Band
    with David Rosenfeld, teacher, musician and composer of Klezmer music
    Chochmat Ha-Lev, 2215 Prince St., Berkeley, CA
    Klezmer (Yiddish for “instruments of music”) is the rollicking musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe now experiencing a phenomenal revival around the globe. Students will learn tunes from the Klezmer and Sephardic repertoire to be performed at Open Tent Shul of the Art’s ‘Hanooka’ Festival December 14th. All instruments welcome. Students should have a great enthusiasm for music and intermediate skills on their individual instruments. Ages 10 and up.
    Call 805.259.5030 to register and for more info on fees.
  • Sunday, Dec 14, 2014 / 2:45pm
    Chochmat Ha-Lev, 2215 Prince St., Berkeley, CA
    Storytelling and Klezmer classes come together to share this rollicking and fun filled celebration of Hanooka convivencia, honoring the storytelling traditions that celebrate our dedication to hospitality, humor and peace. Food, performance, arts, and community. Everyone welcome.
    Donation at door.
Sunday, Sep 28, 2014/ 12-5pm – FREE
  • 17th Annual Progressive Festival
    with Maria Muldaur and Jim Hightower and many more
    Walnut Park, Petaluma Blvd South & D Street, Petaluma
    Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb will speak on Palestine/Israel. Others will speak on education reform (Adam Bessie), homelessness/housing (Celeste Austin), Local Organic Farming (Paul Kaiser), Petaluma Politics (Pam Torliat), Fracking (Tia Lebhertz), Local Health Initiatives (Cheryl Negrin/Jamie Rappaport), Paluma Blacks for Community Development, Police Accountability/Andy Lopez, Immigration Reform, War Tax Resistance (Elizabeth Boardman), Jobs with Justice, Feminism, Eliminating Corporate Personhood, Industrial Hemp. Many social justice, environmental, labor, and community organizations will have informational booths/tables.
    More info on flyer.
Friday, July 11, 2014/ 7:30pm
  • The Way of the Heart, Songs and Stories from the Land of the Talmud: Iraq, Iran and Eretz Yisrael
    with Yuval Ron and Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb
    Chochmat HaLev, 2215 Prince St., Berkeley, CA
    Join Yuval Ron and Rabbi Lynn for an evening of songs and mystical tales that celebrate ‘the open tent’ tradition of receiving guests and honoring the human spirit which is the spiritual heart of Abrahamic traditions. The Talmud teaches: The Compassionate One Desires the Heart (Rachmana leiba bai).
    $12 general audience / $10 for Chochmat members
    Street parking, and public transportation (Ashby BART or bus #18 on Shattuck Ave)
    More info: contact Rabbi Lynn.
    See flyer.
Thursday, May 1, 2014 / 7-9pm
  • Interfaith Communities Working Together for a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel
    First Presbyterian Church of Oakland, 2619 Broadway, Berkeley, CA
    Santa Rosa Faith-­‐based leaders from the Bay Area are coming together to discuss the moral imperative in their respective traditions to speak up and to cease complicity with injustice and violence. They will share the actions that their communities are taking to deepen the conversation within their congregations about Israel-­‐Palestine and to support the Palestinian-­‐led boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. Join us!
    Participants include: Rev. John Anderson (St. John’s Presbyterian Church in San Francisco), Jose Arcellana (Buena Vista United Methodist Church), Dr. Hatem Bazian (Chair, Northern California Islamic Council), Rita Cahn (Kehilla Community Synagogue), Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb (Freeman Fellow at The Fellowship of Reconciliation), David Jones (First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo), Rev. Phil Lawson (co-­‐founder, National Council of Elders), Rabbi Alissa Wise (Jewish Voice for Peace), Therese Mughannam-­‐Walrath (St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church)
    More info:
    See flyer.
April 19, 2014 / 7pm
  • The Broadway Seder Sing-&-Eat-a-Long
    Saul’s Delicatessen, 1475 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
    How is this Seder different from all other Seders? On all other Seders we read from the traditional Haggadah, but this night we sing Broadway show tunes fit to new lyrics that tell the ancient tale! With live music.
    Fixed meal price. $45 tickets online in advance – $50 at the door
    $60/65 includes cocktail and glass of wine
April 10, 2014 / Doors open 7:30pm / Storyfeast begins 8pm
  • Haggadah Unplugged
    The Subterranean Arthouse, 2179 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA
    A feast of Passover stories, comedy, queer tales, live music and chocolate covered matzahs!
    Featuring: Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Alicia Dattner, David Rosenfeld, Bruce Bierman and Selena Polston
April 4-5, 2014
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