Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb


contact – rabbilynn@earthlink.net

Lynn Gottlieb is a pioneer feminist rabbi, storyteller, percussionist, peace educator, writer, ceremonialist, community activist and clown. She is deeply committed to a life grounded in the creativity, joy and wisdom of the Torah (teachings) of Nonviolence. Her journey includes life long activism with The Fellowship of Reconciliation and ongoing pursuit of Israeli Palestinian conflict transformation based on principles of active nonviolence.

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb on the cover of Lilith Magazine 1977

Lynn served as a pulpit rabbi from 1973 to 1980 with Temple Beth Or of the Deaf and Mishkan, An Experimental Shul in NY and from 1981 to 2005 with Congregation Nahalat Shalom in Albuquerque, NM which she co-founded.

Since 1964, Lynn has engaged in multifaith, intergenerational and multicultural organizing around issues of economic and racial justice, gender justice and ‘the demilitarization of land and life’.

Lynn’s love of Jewish cultural and spiritual arts embodies her way of being Jewish in the world. The most common request Lynn hears? “Tell me a story!”

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb in Palestine near the Wall in Bethlehem

“Always on the front lines for peace and justice, Rabbi Lynn brings a lifetime of goddess-wrestling experience to her work. She magically weaves together boldness, creativity, spirit, and generosity in ways that invite, affirm, challenge and delight. I’m always wanting more!” —Penny Rosenwasser, author of Hope Into Practice, Jewish women choosing justice despite our fears

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb playing dumbek with girls in UNWRA refugee camp, Balata, West Bank

“Rabbi Lynn has what it takes, off and on the field. She has years of experience and wisdom which young aspiring leaders like myself can appreciate and benefit from…When I met Lynn at the Tel Aviv airport, the introduction was an impacting life changing experience. Right away her status as a veteran activist, her seriousness, yet at the same time courageously kind, Lynn became a person I immediately trusted during difficult andunpredictably dangerous circumstances.” —Josue Bustos, artist and activist, participant in Mural Arts In Palestine Delegation 2012

“Spellbinding, mesmerizing, and everything you want in a one woman show!” Albuquerque Journal, in review of Lynn’s theatre piece “Women on the Edge”

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